Maria & Fergal

Sergio worked as videographer at our wedding in Barcelona in May this year. We were so pleased with his work. Sergio has a very suitable manner for the role. He is rather understated in his presence which keeps everyone very natural. And has an eye for great shots, intimate moments, knowing to capture important moments and picking up things that could otherwise be missed. His editorial was both efficient but also incredibly detailed. I can’t recommend Sergio highly enough! A superb professional

Esther & Alex

I am very happy with Sergio Bakker. They have a very modern and clean style and they have respected all our requests. They have been very punctual and attentive. Some people doubt about getting the wedding video, but it was essential for us: the pictures are beautiful, but being able to remember these very special moments in movement is priceless. I recommend this team because of their professionalism and closeness, and because the final result is simply beautiful.

Marta & Adrià

We received the video two months after the wedding. A beautiful video with all the moments and very well summarized. Sergio is a great professional, very friendly and during all the wedding day he gives peace and and is in control in all situations. No detail was missing. We recommend it to all couples.

Boda Castell tamarit

Jordi & Núria

During the months previous to our wedding we got in touch with several professionals of the wedding cinematography. There are several reasons why we chose to work with Sergio Bakker. First, we loved their works, the way they made the shots, that touch of modernity and the feeling of happiness that the videos they had made –which we could see on their web page and Facebook- radiated. Second, working with a professional team that guaranteed and ensured a good report gave us security. Third, but not least, there is the human factor, so important in a wedding, where feelings are skin-deep throughout all day. We strongly recommend their services and are grateful for the work done.

Cristina & Antoine

Beautiful video that has moved the couple and the guests, we can’t stop watching it over and over again. And those who have not come to the wedding regret not having done so. Thanks, Sergio, for the great job!

Cristina & Pancho

Amazing. Every time I see the video I drop some tears… Super exciting! Very natural, capturing every detail without having to pose. Very easy! At the beginning we doubted if it was worth spending our money on a video of a few minutes, and it is obviously worth it! A great memory of a great day.

Teresa & Dani

A casual video, a reflection of the reality of that day. We are grateful that the film shows the moments as we remember them, without tricks. A memory that has exceeded our expectations. Many thanks.

Ana Maria & Cristian

I loved the final video very much, very professional, complete, very good quality and it captured the important details of the wedding, which are what you want to keep for the future. After 5 months I have seen my video some 20 times. Highly recommended!

Sheila & Albert

We are very happy. Sergio is a great person who knew how to reflect the type of video documentary we were looking for. The delivery was very fast, in less than three months we had all the material. Thank you!

Jessica & Aitor

If we happened to get married again, we’d choose Sergio Bakker again as our wedding videographer, we recommend it to everyone. Very professional, natural and close. Thanks to it, the result has been excellent, a beautiful memory forever.

Cristina & Xavi

Many couples think that hiring a videographer is not important if you already have a photographer and they are wrong, they really make a big mistake. Sergio exceeded our expectations by far, both in human and professional quality. We always say it was one of the best investments on our wedding day. They knew how to reflect one of the most important days in our life on a video of hardly 15 minutes, so that we still have goosebumps every time we see it. 100% recommended without a doubt. Responsibility, flexibility, involvement, feeling and professionalism, that is what really defines Sergio, and the key to their great success!

Cristina Xavi